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33 million primary school-aged children in Sub-Saharan Africa do not go to school. 18 million of these children are girls. In Sub-Saharan Africa, only two-thirds of children who

start primary school reach the final grade.

Although literacy rates have greatly improved in Africa over the last few decades, approximately 40% of Africans over the age of 15, and 50% of women above the age of 25 are illiterate.

Less than 60 per cent of children of the appropriate age attend secondary school. (Source: UNESCO)

In Uganda, a child who quits attending school is three times more likely to be HIV positive later on in life than a child who completes basic education. HIV/AIDS is likely to claim the lives of 10% of teachers within the coming five years, and 20% of school-age children will be AIDS orphans. (Source: http://achieveinafrica.wordpress.com)

In addition to the above challenges, education in Africa uses the present fragmented approach to education, students study only specific areas of knowledge like the sciences, business, and the arts. This fragmented study enlivens only specific areas of the brain, and never the total brain—the student experiences localized functioning, but not holistic functioning.

Lack of holistic brain functioning is the root of many problems and mistakes that students make in their lives, which creates so many difficulties for the government and the nation. Schools are in chaos, and nations are full of problems and conflict just because of this failure of education to develop the total brain.

At Maharishi Secondary School of Girls, we use a different approach to education called “Integrated Education” or Consciousness-Based Education.

Consciousness-Based Education is based on the Transcendental Meditation program, and also includes specific courses, like the Science of Creative Intelligence.

Transcendental Meditation is a non-religious, simple, natural, mental technique, practiced twice daily, morning and afternoon. This practice allows the conscious mind to settle down and experience a refreshing, quiet state of consciousness called transcendental consciousness.

Brain wave patterns recorded during the practice of Transcendental Meditation show that when the mind has reached the level of least activity, transcendental consciousness, the whole brain becomes engaged. Regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation promotes Total Brain Functioning.

Although many factors determine the number of schools and teachers available in Africa, Consciousness-Based Education can play a fundamental role in ensuring that education is satisfying to the students, to the teachers and to the parents. Happier, more successful students, and parents who see the changes in their children, will reduce the dropout rate. Teachers who can cope with the demands of large classes and inadequate support will be more effective and will remain in the profession. And African society will benefit from graduates who are creative, fulfilled model citizens.

Graduates from Consciousness-Based schools are grounded in themselves, confident, resourceful and repectful. They are accustomed to working together in groups, but are sure of their own abilities at the same time. These are the qualities that any education system aspires for. They are also the qualities which research has found in students from Consciousness-Based schools and colleges around the world.

The research can be summarized in 5 categories:

1.    Improved Brain Functioning, Increased Intelligence, and Improved Academic Performance
2.    Increased Integration of Personality
3.    Improved School-Related Behavior
4.    Improved Health
5.    Benefits for Society: Creating an Influence of Coherence and Harmony in Collective Consciousness.

For details and specfic references visit http://www.tmeducation.org/research-education

 Everything good about the brain—memory, creativity, coordination, moral reasoning—depends on its orderly functioning.

Study of the Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) brings out the depths of this reality that all knowledge has its source in the field of pure creative intelligence, which can be experience by the mind through the practice of Transcendental

Meditation.Maharishi Secondary School for Girls is a Pioneering school in African education for girls in Total Brain Functioning—a unique effective education for success and happiness in life.

The research shows clearly that students develop improved field independence in Consciousness-Based Education—their ability to focus improves along with the breadth of their comprehension. This clarity of mind is also seen in improved scores on intelligence tests and in creativity. Many studies have also shown better behavior of students in school, both in the classroom and outside. All over the world, even troubled and violent schools find that the atmosphere in the school changes from constant quarreling and fighting to calmness as soon as the Transcendental Meditation program is introduced. The students are naturally more attentive in this more peaceful air.


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